Your Place

We all need a place to turn to when we feel defeated, paralyzed by a situation, or in need of advice. That place that inspires you to move forward and past everything that holds you back, and that helps you navigate through difficult situations. Whether it is a professional or personal need, the hope is that this will be your place.

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The Effect of Communication Climate in an Organization

Many of us have either walked into a place of business or worked in a place where the “vibe” was off. There was something in the air and you couldn’t really put your finger on exactly what it was. The place looked good, clean, organized and up to date but there was something off. You … Continue reading The Effect of Communication Climate in an Organization

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WordPress Categories vs. Tags

WordPress is a website platform used by many businesses and bloggers. The diversity that this platform provides is one that can be applied to almost any need. WordPress is a platform were many contributors come together to  collaborate on different themes, plugins and widgets for other users, some of these are at no cost and others are not. Depending on the WordPress … Continue reading WordPress Categories vs. Tags

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Be Brave

Throughout my career I have been faced with many situations were I have had to make the choice to be brave. Being brave is not always being defiant, or strong; it is also having the courage to analyze a situation and respond to it appropriately, even when that means you walk away or let it go. The decision to be brave is not always clear with … Continue reading Be Brave

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Clear Expectations

Setting clear expectations with your team and individual team members is crucial to the success of an organization. Having members spend time and energy on a problem/task with out clear expectations will not only waste their energy, your money, everyone's time, but also the moral of the group. At the end of the day we all want to … Continue reading Clear Expectations

Setting Goals Remember the dreams and aspirations you had as a child, back when nothing was impossible or out of reach. Some of those dreams consisted in becoming an astronaut, fireman, dancer, or even a professional soccer player. As we become adults those dreams become a little more narrow, less grand, and for some those dreams turn to … Continue reading Setting Goals

A notebook that says, "Today I am grateful"

Be Grateful

Being grateful sounds so easy and effortless, but try being grateful through the difficult situations. Death, loss of a job, losing the promotion, a relationship breakup  can be some of the most difficult times to be grateful. It is in these times that we need to be reminded to be grateful for our experiences. It is difficult to see … Continue reading Be Grateful